Renewable Energy

  • EPC Services and Advisory

  • Land Acquisition

  • Feasibility Study

  • Detailed Project Report

  • PPA Contracts and Agreement

  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)Trading

  • Solar Energy Products Trading

  • Power Plant Buying and Selling

  • Project funding

  • EPC Contracts

Power Consultancy

Understanding details of clean energy power generation project is a must for investors as well as end users today, considering enormousness of the project task and money related with it. Selection and understanding local geopolitical environment and then installing and commissioning of the project is a crucial tasks to consider before investing into Solar PV or Solar Thermal project specifically.

At 5 international we guide you every step of the way. We provide B2B and B2C consultancy, Our services are but not limited to,

Clear cut education Guidelines with positive and negative aspects of each state level and Central Solar power generation policy.

Bird eye overview of the Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Hydro or Wind power project including project budget, equity, debt, ROI and capital appreciation.

Detailed project report Includes minute details of project technology behind every solution.

Detailed explanation of Government policies of each state and Central Government including upcoming opportunities.

Details who, where, when, how and why of Government departments functions and process.

Clear marked expenses and cost on time scale related to project advancements.

We help both B2B and B2C clients finding right EPC services to match budget and project needs as consultants.

Detailing how to maintain project efficiency and on time payment schedule from Government.

PPA Trading

There comes a stage on Solar power generation project where developers sometime decides to move away from the project having financial constraints or other reasons or the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) owner needs guidance on utilizing the PPA. We guide them to trade their project/PPA for the benefit of others who wants to grow with more installations in this renewable sector. Though most PPA’s are signed with No Promoters change or stock transfer, there are legal ways to come around this difficulty and PPA’s can be transferred successfully.

Solar Energy Solutions

We work in a way where we don’t miss any opportunity on “Going Green” may it be your House, Office building, School, Collage, Shopping mall, factory, warehouse, parking lot or barren Land, we have a clean energy solution for everything.

Our mission is to play a major role in making the globe emission free, we are doing our bit “ARE YOU?”


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