Construction & Infrastructure

  • Tender Application & Follow-up

  • Back To Back Contracts Liaison

  • Sub-Contracting

  • Allotment of Projects

  • Due Diligence

  • Strategic Planning

  • Project funding

  • Foreign finance

  • Financial Advisory

  • Project Buying and Selling

We have the experience helping Infrastructure and construction companies refocus, restructure and reinvigorate through customized strategies. We meet the needs of companies of all shapes and sizes, from small firms to bustling multinationals. Our business improvement projects deliver instant, significant, and lasting changes with measurable performance growth.

We develop strategic business cases in order to help you understand the underlying economic impacts of a potential scheme.

We advise on funding, procurement and capital structuring; underpinned by the necessary regulatory framework and governance structures.

We support the public sector in running a fair and transparent procurement process.

We help private sector bidders in preparing and pricing for a winning bid.

We ensure project delivery and develop operational models to help day-to-day project management and monitoring, ensuring project delivery is on track – to time and budget.

Our Areas of Advisory

Construction: Public and Private Infrastructure, Real Estate, Civil & Engineering

Energy: Oil and Gas, Power Plants, Power and Mining, Solar, Hydro

Transport: Rail, Road, Ports and Airports, Highways, Tunnels

Aerospace: Civil and Military



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