Fundamentals of Vastu

Fundamental Concepts

There are many principles in Vastu Shastra. To mention a few which involve certain mathematical calculations, Maana is used for proportional relationships in a building and Aayaadi specifies conditions for maximum wellbeing and benefits for the residents of a building.

In Indian architecture, the dwelling is itself a shrine. A home is called Manushyalaya, literally, “HumanTemple”. It is not merely a shelter for human beings in which to rest and eat. The concept behind house design is the same as for temple design, so sacred and spiritual are the two spaces.

Fundamental Rules

  • Black, dark brown or green color should not be used for cloth, curtain, furniture, wall color, paint, car, etc., in short anywhere.
  • Mirror, calendar and clock should be on East or North wall.
  • Photographs of living persons have to be in South or West side.
  • Photographs of non-living persons have to be in East or North side.
  • All persons should be facing East or North while sitting.
  • Wardrobes/Storage units should open facing North or East.
  • Articles – heavy or light – should be only on South or West side and NOT on North or East side
  • The Writing table should be either in South-East facing East, or North-West facing North
  • All tables – writing, dining, office-table, and computer table and so on – should be square or rectangle with NO glass top.

All windows and grills should be painted as follows:

  • At North – Off white or silver
  • At East – Off while or silver
  • At West – White or off white or silver
  • At South – Red or orange or pink or white
  • The stairs should be in the North-West corner or South-East corner and climbing should be from North to South or East to West with right-turns only.
  • Blue bulb in North-East or Red bulb in South-East should be on for 24 hours continuously.
  • Yellow bulb should be on continuously for 24 hours in compounds of house, bungalow, temple, hospital, hotel, school, office building, plot, etc. in South West.
  • Mirror on North wall or East wall in North-East corner and should have square or rectangle shape.
  • Square or rectangle shaped mirror reflecting from eye to at least waist level should be placed on North wall or East wall in North East corner
  • Where the main door is in the South, square or rectangle shaped mirror reflecting from eye to at least waist level should be on the opposite North wall.
  • Selection of color of car or scooter or any vehicle should be on the following basis of the position of the main door of the house/office –
    Position of the Main Door Color to be selected
    East or North: Blue, Silver, Golden, Yellow, Off white
    South: Red, Orange, Pink, Maroon, White
    West: White, Off white, Silver
  • In South-West corner of house, office, hospital, hotel, factory, plot, etc., a picture of rock or mountain or multistoried building should be placed on South or West wall. Further, the picture should NOT contain water or big trees and it should NOT be in blue, yellow and green color.
  • Water, fountain, mirror and Temple (Mandir) should be in North-East.
  • Office table should be covered from all three sides, providing leg-room under the table for the user.
  • Table top of the office table should have marble, granite or plain wood but NOT glass.
  • Executive chair – used by the Head of the Office or Establishment – should have high back with white towel on top.
  • Visitors’ chairs should have low back and should be in even numbers.
  • All chairs should be in red, maroon, orange, or in multicolor.
  • Photographs of Gods or Goddesses at home as well as in office should be traditional, NOT modern or variously designed.
  • Air conditioners and TV should be in the South-East corner on South side or North-West corner on West side.
  • Trees/plants should be in North-West or South-East corner of the plot.
  • Where there is a pillar open on all sides, it should be covered with 6 feet mirror, from 1 foot above the ground level.
  • No one should sit or sleep under a beam or pillar or column.
  • All interior designs should be square or rectangle in shape. In any case, it should NOT be in round or oval shape.
    It has been observed and experienced that if the above rules are followed in good faith and with prayers to the Almighty, the benefits could accrue, as fast as they are implemented. Depending on the manner and the stage in which they are observed, the benefits will accrue as fast as they are implemented, in graded period of 28 days, or 50 to 55 days.

Vastu Purusha Mandala

The Vastu Purusha Mandala is an indispensable part of vastu shastra and constitutes the mathematical design. It is the metaphysical plan of a building that incorporates the coursly bodies and supernatural forces. Purusha refers to energy, soul or Universal Principle. Mandala is the generic name for any plan or chart which symbolically represents the cosmos.

In Vastu-purusha-mandala, the areas (padas, squares) are associated with certain deities, such as:

  • North- Kubera- Ruled by lord of wealth (Finance)
  • South- Yama- Ruled by lord of death – Yama (Damaging)
  • East- Indra- Ruled by the solar deity- Aditya (Seeing the world)
  • West- Varuna- Ruled by lord of water (Physical)
  • Northeast (Eshanya) – Ruled by Shiva
  • Southeast- Agni- Ruled by the fire deity – Agni (Energy Generating)
  • Northwest- Vayu- ruled by the god of winds (Advertisement)
  • Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya, Niruthi- Ruled by ancestors (History)
  • Center- Brahma- Ruled by the creator of the universe (Desire)