Core Competence

We undertake all kinds of activities related to Civil Construction works. These include:


  • Taking Civil Sub-contracts and executing construction jobs on Labour Item Rate Basis.
  • Contracting and sub contracting.
  • Developing, Maintaining and operating the infrastructure for construction activities and execution of main works.
  • Sourcing and arranging the construction materials from India and Abroad.
  • Providing and managing the construction personnel viz. Engineers, Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, Operators, Skilled and Semi Skilled workers etc.

Our Strengths

Some of the factors that have given us a competitive edge are:


  • Commitment to deliver high quality services
  • Two and half decades of experience in construction industry
  • Expertise in the entire gamut of construction industry
  • In-depth understanding of user requirements
  • Expertise in sourcing competent professionals from India
  • Large data bank of Indian work- force in different skill sets
  • Expertise in careful scrutiny and validation of candidates

We are Eco-friendly!


Continuously upgrading towards green building & eco-friendly whereas reducing pollution, waste, environment degradation. There are number of motives for green building.


Environmental, Economical & Social benefits with sustainable design, Structural design efficiency, Energy efficiency, Material efficiency. The Philosophy of designing buildings that is in harmony with natural features, resource surrounding the site.

We undertake execution of Civil Structural Construction Works right from foundation stage to the completion stage, which includes erection of form-work, steelwork, concreting. The final stage of job execution includes finishing of the concrete surfaces after de-shuttering, laying and placing in position the infrastructure for electrical and plumbing network. Our work for Civil Structural Construction is as follows.

• Foundations • Substructures • Super structures

• Finishing works /placo & painting and laying of marble floors/walls of Hyyat Regency. • Granite/Marble fixing on façades, walls and floors • Fixing of joinery works like doors windows, Parquet Flooring, Palco work • Painting, Tiling, Screeding and Ornamental Work • Dry Partitions, False Ceiling

We undertake masonry works of all types such as fixing of solid/ hollow/ aerated cement concrete/ soporex/ habel blocks including brick and stone masonry besides various types of plaster including decorative type with both manual and mechanized techniques.

We do Casting and Erection of all types of Pre-cast elements such as Wall/ Slab Panels, Beams, Staircases, Lintels, Manholes etc. The Pre-Cast Work also includes running and maintenance of Pre-Cast Fabrication Yard.

We specialize in undertaking erection of Pre-Engineered buildings and the related Civil & Allied jobs on Turnkey Basis for Town Ships/ Office Complexes etc.

We provide highly experienced and competent workforce for HVAC works. Pamposh associates itself with renowned MEP contractors for execution of HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical works Waterproofing and Insulation forms essential part of all the modern architectures. It controls the temperature directly, and affects the movement of moisture to and from the building spaces. We supply specialized and trained workforce for undertaking various kinds of Water Proofing and Insulation Work.

Human Resource Deployment & Management


We deploy Human Resource for all infrastructure facilities e.g. operation of cranes, batching plant, JCB, concrete pumps etc. We source best mechanical staff for running of workshops like electro mechanics, petrol / diesel mechanics etc. We also provide staff like foremen, timekeepers, storekeepers, land surveyors, Quantity Surveyor, Architect, planning engineers, skilled and unskilled tradesman etc.


Apart from deploying workforce for construction industry, we also deploy catering staff for expatriates like continental cooks with supporting staff for running a modern kitchen and arrange their passports, visas, immigration, mobilization, de-mobilization, lodging, boarding, medical and insurance etc.
We provide qualified and experienced personnel for running and maintenance of mechanical workshops, expatriate camps and Labor camps. In addition, we provide operators for tower crane/mobile crane/Jcb/batching plant and other construction equipment.